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Creating an all-in- one solution for B2B communication resellers

Streamlining efficiency sounds like an easy win for all involved but there are a few concerns along the way

ones, as we are finding with our clients. The primary reason our clients are going with us for an all-in-one solution is pricing. We at 4Voice can provide all they need more affordably than the client using two or three vendors. “One solution can streamline everything to flow together and work far more effectively than going with two or three vendors. Some programs are incompatible and then businesses must change to something compatible. Going with a vendor like our company eliminates that possibility, which also eliminates the hassle and extra cost.” Addressing Departmental Preferences During their recent summit, AWS revealed that around half of the people who purchase services from them do not work in IT, a trend that is felt throughout the collaborations sector. Particularly since the pandemic, departments have chosen the platform they work with, regardless of whether other people within the company can adopt it. As a result, IT departments are having to tackle the problem and mandate company-wide platform adoptions. As a result, departmental preferences can hinder the adoption of all-in-one solutions from the point of view of the business. As Murabito said: “Departmental preferences can pose an obstacle to the adoption of all-in-one solutions. “However, there are strategies, like creating in-house development platforms, that can address these challenges. These platforms allow for greater customisation and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each department, while still ensuring company- wide consistency.” Laxman added: “Departmental preferences could be a hurdle for using an all-in-one solution. The trick is to choose a platform with customisable preferences that can

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effective communication is key to success. B2B communication resellers play a vital role in providing the necessary tools and platforms for businesses to connect and collaborate seamlessly. However, the question arises: Should resellers rely on a single vendor to deliver all the technology and services, or should they consider building their own solution? Simplicity vs. Flexibility: The Allure of All-in-One Solutions Many companies are initially drawn to all- in-one solutions due to their simplicity and consistency. The idea of having a single vendor provide all the necessary technology and services can be appealing, as it minimises the complexity of managing multiple vendors and ensures a consistent user experience, as Michel Murabito, Developer Advocate at end- to-end platform builder Mia-Platform, explains. “Many companies may be drawn to all-in-one solutions for their simplicity and consistency,” said Murabito. “However, the growing complexity of business needs might push them to look for more flexible approaches. “For example, techniques like Platform Engineering allow for developing in-house solutions or integrating products from multiple vendors, while still ensuring a uniform interface and overall consistency.” Amruth Laxman, CEO of 4voice, also cited practicality as a key reason why a one-stop- shop approach is becoming popular. “Businesses do like a one-shop-stop for many tech elements ranging from computer and cloud tech to communications,” said Laxman. “The reasons behind this are practical

Many companies may be drawn to all-in-one solutions for their simplicity and consistency

Michel Murabito Developer Advocate at end-to-end platform builder



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