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Maintaining quality public service As productivity trends move towards working from home, what are the challenges in the public sector?

Effective communication is crucial for the smooth functioning of public sector organisations. Government departments, education institutions and healthcare facilities face unique challenges when it comes to their communication needs. Limited budgets, legacy systems, the shift to remote working and the demand for value-driven solutions are just a few of the hurdles they encounter. However, by understanding these challenges and embracing innovative solutions, public sector entities can enhance their connectivity and deliver high-quality services to citizens. “In recent years, we’ve seen many public sector organisations turn their attention to technology consolidation in order to keep remote operations running smoothly,” said Russell Tilsed, VP of Sales, EMEA, 8x8. “The majority have adopted Teams from a communications technology standpoint to help with remote collaboration and the delivery of excellent customer and employee experiences. In fact, our research indicated that 92% of public sector organisations are using Teams.

“Now that the initial adoption of communications platforms has been

achieved, the new challenge we’re seeing is helping public sector organisations to move beyond using these platforms for internal collaboration alone. “They now need to extend the platform’s capabilities to include other areas of the organisation, in order to optimise business- wide collaboration and communication. We must help them develop a unified approach to their communications environment, which involves looking at their current collaboration tools to see how they can also be used elsewhere – such as in the contact centre.” Adapting to Change As with businesses around the world, the public sector is having to come to terms with the move to working from home, and the consequences of a poor transition or a flat-out refusal to comply. According to Dan Lloyd, Channel Partner Manager at Cirrus, this presents “a huge opportunity for resellers looking to sell into

Russell Tilsed VP of Sales, EMEA


As with businesses around the world, the

public sector is having to come to terms with the move to working from home...




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