UC Advanced - issue #3


The truth about the environment

brands have come up purely based on the environmental impact of those who dominate the shelves. Sustainable brands in coffee, laundry detergent, and even water filters are gaining traction with a society that is more conscious about their impact on the planet. What’s also frustrating is that the money that can be saved in becoming a more sustainable business. The original outlay for solar panels is a classic example, although there is an original outlay and lots of businesses rent office spaces, the fact is the sun’s rays are free! Similarly in the Second Hand Market feature in this issue, we discovered that savings could be anywhere from 15 to 85% when using refurbished technology. On top of this the risk can be mitigated by working with a reseller you trust. To round off my lecture, in our piece about Reducing Businesses’ Carbon Footprints, energy efficiency is one of the key ways in which businesses could instantly start to decrease their environmental impact. On top of this we have reports from AWS Summit and Zoom’s Work Transformation Summit, we speak to Holger Graeff at Vivitek about the way they view collaborations from an AV perspective, and we discuss the public sector, cloud storage, and how to keep data safe.

The ice caps are melting, the sea levels are rising, forest fires are raging, and even Essex isn’t safe. It’s been a topic that we’ve known about for a long time now. The climate is changing, despite the tedious tweets from deniers, but it would seem that a lot of us are only just starting on our journey. I myself am no angel when it comes to the environment. Aside from the thankless task of cleaning out yoghurt pots and jam jars in order to recycle them, I still drive a petrol car, make sure my home is nice and warm, and I refuse to go vegan; although I can cook a mean dhal from time to time.

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne Editor

best campaign


Q2 · 2023

Every quarter we make an award for the best campaign run in the magazine. This quarter Ingram Micro has been chosen as the winner. Thanks for the support.

I expect we are all the same, and what little the individual does can surely not contribute much to the saving of the ice caps. Those who I would expect more from though, are businesses. Perhaps I’m wrong, but it seems that this effort to become carbon neutral has only come about once the generation most likely to be affected by rising sea levels has joined the workforce. In other words, it’s only now that corporate social responsibility has become a factor in attracting talent that businesses care about. Similarly, in consumerview, challenger

As always give me your feedback, it’s been great hearing your thoughts on the magazine, it seems like you are as excited as we are about it which is a great place to be in. If you have any news, views, or contributions please don’t hesitate to drop me an email on elliot@ucadvanced.com.


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