UC Advanced - issue #3


While most of the industry has clamoured for collaboration-specific devices, Vivitek is looking at the whole solution.

News You should know p6 New in the Channel Hot products p10 Thought... Leveraging UCaaS p19 All-in-One Creating B2B solutions p20 Sustainability Time to take action p24 Public Sector Maintaning quality p29 Second Hand Grading yesterday’s technology p32 Interview: Vivitek Filling the gaps in B2B AV p36 AWS Summit Partnering to scale p42 Zoom Summit Takeways p44 Thought... AI in the insurance sector p47 Thought... Employee experience p49 Thought... Legacy challenges p50


While you may know that you should be doing something about emissions, it can be difficult to know what exactly what action to take.




As productivity trends move towards working from home, what are the challenges in the public sector?

Following quarterly revenues of over £120 billion in March, AWS addressed partners in London with a key message: “We need you.”


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