UC Advanced - issue #6


Remarkably afforda When your customer’s key focus is best value, Sharp/NEC must be part of the conversation.

Trusted for long-lasting reliability, Sharp/NEC has an enduring reputation for quality. Its customers know that they are buying peace of mind with fit for purpose performance and industry-leading service and support. What they may not be aware of however, is what great value Sharp/NEC is. An impressively low Total Cost of Ownership is achieved over the exceptionally long lifecycle of its products. Not only is this good news for your budget, but it also supports sustainability goals as replacement is deferred

over a longer period and the robust aluminium construction and innovative design supports repair, reuse and recycle initiatives. “With our E Series products, both in the LCD and LED categories, Sharp/NEC is absolutely in the running for even the most budget- focused projects,” says Helen Sheldrake, Commercial Manager at Sharp/NEC. “Think E for Essential – all the essential features you need for professional performance, but without all the extra bells and whistles – perfectly placed for mainstream usage at an entry-level price!


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