UC Advanced - issue #6


Q What are the challenges Focusing on value-add UC Advanced talked to Nuvias UC’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Curtis to find out more about how the company can help resellers to provide unified comms solutions to customer and the trends he foresees for the year ahead. Q What initiatives from Nuvias UC mitigate these challenges? resellers face in this market?

Mike Curtis: The big thing that we see in the market is consolidation. Rather than being able to pitch devices and software at volume, resellers now have to start to differentiate with value, which is becoming increasingly challenging. This commoditisation squeezes margins for resellers, their relevance starts to diminish as more competition comes into the market, and they need to evolve towards a solution provision, especially around ecosystem-based collaboration solutions. Q How have Nuvias UC set up to help resellers? MC: We have positioned ourselves, not just as a distributor in the traditional sense, but as a solution provider for the channel that helps those resellers to differentiate on a value proposition. That ranges from hardware, software and services and building solutions for customers for differentiated value.

MC: Nuvias UC focuses on the value- add services – as they used to be called – providing comprehensive, consultative installation, training and ongoing support, so resellers can differentiate with an enhanced customer experience and an ecosystem of services. We offer specialisations for them to pass on to their customers. Evolving their position into that trusted adviser status and becoming a solution provider allows them to leverage and access more of the annuity-based revenues. These specialist fields include platform provisioning, core plan options, ecosystems around contact centres, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, which gives resellers migration opportunities, so they can help lead their customers on a journey. That’s where we’re trying to help people mitigate that slide into just a volume- based low margin, commodity structure, where it’s very hard to show true value to your customer. Q What sort of opportunities can resellers expect working with Nuvias UC for services? MC: It starts with advice and guidance and helping resellers understand the challenge for their customer in a more detailed sense and being able to offer the solution. It’s not just selling a headset, a video bar, or a point- based solution but asking customers the key questions, such as ‘How is your business evolving?’ ‘How are you utilising AI features?’ ‘How can you enhance a conversation with an AI solution?’ Q How can Nuvias UC improve a reseller’s ability to improve customer communications?

Mike Curtis


We have positioned ourselves,

not just as a distributor in the traditional sense, but as a solution provider for the channel.

MC: There’s a definite opportunity that’s evolving around contact centre solutions for


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