UC Advanced - issue #6

I n the vast digital realm, a colossal giant of an enterprise closely guarded a prized goose that laid golden eggs, and bestowed wealth on the giant. Jack, the Hack - a crafty cybercriminal facing financial struggles, sought to exploit the giant’s riches. Having foolishly lost his money through laziness and poor decisions, he was enticed by a strange merchant to exchange his mother’s cow for some magic beans. The beans were planted in the dark web and an enchanted beanstalk grew fast offering him access to the giant’s kingdom.

J ack the Hack successfully infiltrated the giant’s home, seized the prized goose, and made off with the valuable golden eggs, cutting off the beanstalk as he fled so the giant could not follow him. The giant enterprise, devastated by the theft, realized the vulnerability of its kingdom and the need for a stronger defence. L earning a valuable lesson from the devastating breach, the giant sought a solution to fortify its digital castle against future chancers like Jack the Hack. The giant turned to Fortinet, a cybersecurity fortress known for its impenetrable defences. Fortinet’s solution, like an impregnable shield, was deployed to safeguard the enterprise’s assets and prevent any further infiltrations. F ortinet’s robust cybersecurity fabric included


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