UC Advanced - issue #6


8x8 Unveils SellWith8, a Game-Changing Tier in Its Technology Partner Ecosystem

8x8 has introduced SellWith8, an exclusive tier designed to empower select partners with unparalleled opportunities for direct collaboration, deeper integration and enhanced go-to-market efforts. Partners chosen to participate in the SellWith8 programme will have the opportunity to sell alongside 8x8. Partners gain direct access to the 8x8 product team, enabling roadmap alignment and co- development, ensuring tighter integrations and a seamless user experience for both partners and their customers. The program also includes joint go-to- market alignment, featuring co-marketing promotion, sales strategy coordination and cross-company incentives. These elements are set to elevate partner engagement and amplify their impact in the market. Simon Black, CEO of Awaken Intelligence, expressed enthusiasm about the SellWith8

program, stating: “The 8x8 Technology Partner Ecosystem has already demonstrated remarkable success in meeting the business needs of customers, and we’re honoured to be one of the first partners to join the SellWith8 tier of the program.” The SellWith8 tier aims to improve customer engagement by integrating next-generation, native solutions for organisations of all sizes. This advancement helps to democratise technology, eliminating the need for complex custom development and reducing excessive overhead costs. Built on the 8x8 XCaaS (Experience Communications as a Service) platform’s open architecture, the program fosters an ecosystem of leading technology partners. This ecosystem encourages innovation, providing enterprises with the solutions they need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Simon Black


Logitech Reach Hits the Market After Crowdfunding Campaign

Following a successful Indiegogo campaign, the Logitech Reach is now ready for mass production and set to be available in the education market by this summer. The device, a versatile and easy-to-use camera featuring the Logitech StreamCam, is designed to enhance the user experience during presentations, online classes, conference calls and content creation sessions. The Reach’s unique selling point is its flexibility. It offers one-handed interaction, lateral adjustments while keeping the image upright, and independent vertical adjustment with full 360-degree rotation. These features ensure that users can stay focused on their presentation or teaching without having to worry about adjusting the camera. The Reach allows users to adjust the camera horizontally or vertically, ensuring that the audience feels like they’re right there. It offers premium 1080p/60fps video quality, enhanced with glass optics and smart autofocus. The camera also features an

easy-to-use analogue button enabling 4.3x lossless zoom with autofocus to captivate the audience with even the minutest of details. “Logitech Reach responds to the growing need for an all-encompassing sharing solution, featuring a remarkably adaptable camera,” remarked Michele Hermann, head of Education Solutions at Logitech. The camera’s unique pivoting and rotating feature combines horizontal and vertical movements to create novel vantage points while maintaining camera orientation.”



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