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Experiencing better Intelligence

How AI is improving the Customer Experience.

One of the trends I’m happier to see in the marketplace at the moment is the emphasis on customer experience. For a long time, selling in the consumer world has seemed to be about getting it done as soon as possible and moving on to the next one. On top of this, the move to the cloud has meant that building relationships with salespeople is less important in the enterprise space, as anyone can create an account and get started. Now, being a former barman dealing with lads full of Dutch courage and the odd teenager trying to pass off a bus pass as a valid form of ID, I’m not advocating for a ‘customers always right’ policy. But the idea of providing a service is now a key focus in more or less every industry; and is one that I tried to emulate even if I did laugh every time I saw a date of birth written in biro. But while the aim of providing better service is an admirable one, putting that into action can be somewhat of a challenge as businesses deal with rising costs and customer demands. As a result, generative

AI has provided an efficient way to manage the customer experience according to Jonathan McKenzie, Sr. Contact Center Product Manager at 8x8. “The landscape of customer service is evolving rapidly, driven by the imperative to balance tightening budgets and the increasing difficulty of securing sales. In this shifting environment, ensuring top-notch customer service has become a paramount concern for businesses worldwide. While the human touch remains valuable, the initial point of contact, whether via phone, messaging, or email, is increasingly powered by artificial intelligence. “Crucially, it’s important to not see

Jonathan McKenzie Sr. Contact Center Product Manager

automation as something that is replacing the human touch but rather complementing it. Customer self-service, despite decades of innovation, often falls short of expectations – ineffective menus, limited options, and the frustration of repeating information to live


While the human touch remains valuable, the initial point of contact... ...is increasingly powered by artificial intelligence



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