UC Advanced - issue #7


Being Part of the Conversation

How to deliver meeting equity in hybrid collaboration spaces

Most companies that introduced flexible working in recent years noticed an immediate improvement in productivity. But gains have diminished over time as teams suffer from digital fatigue and a loss of corporate culture. Employees are being urged to come back into the office to help address these issues. Meanwhile, HR, Facilities, and IT teams recognise that there is a need to rethink workplace design and technology. The reality of the hybrid office means that there is always someone dialling into a meeting remotely. Unfortunately, too often participants struggle to achieve a smooth conversation flow where everyone can contribute equally. When it’s difficult to hear clearly or identify speakers in the room, it becomes harder for remote participants to actively participate, let alone lead discussions, resulting in their passive listening. Such limited engagement significantly hinders the sharing of ideas and effective decision-making. Meeting room technology investments have not kept pace with the demands of modern workstyles. Although the detrimental effect of sub-par audio solutions is becoming more apparent, upgrading to premium technologies is sometimes considered excessive. Fortunately, professional networked audio systems continue to become more powerful

and integrated, delivering greater functionality with fewer components, reduced effort and at lower cost. Decision-makers no longer have to settle for glorified speakerphones that go on the wall; now every meeting room can enjoy boardroom-quality audio. A prime example is the Shure Microflex® Advance™ MXA902 Integrated Conferencing Ceiling Array. It combines advanced array microphone, wide-dispersion loudspeaker and powerful digital signal processing technology in a single ceiling-mounted device that provides consistent voice capture and listening levels for everyone in a 6x6m (20x20ft) area – ideal for any small to medium-sized room. Because it mounts overhead, everyone in the room is roughly the same distance from the microphone and the loudspeaker, meaning that everyone can hear and be heard equally well. Compared to wall-mounted soundbars, the MXA902 delivers more naturally interactive audio and better supports dynamic discussions. Moreover, the Integrated Ceiling Array only requires minimal setup as there is only one device to install and one network cable to connect. Certification with Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms and Google Meet guarantees the highest standard of performance, eliminates time-consuming tweaking and adjustment, and provides certainty that the solution “just works”. The human experience is key to making hybrid work, work. Companies are increasingly driving workplace reformation and investments in collaboration technology to ensure productivity and support organizational well-being. The future is all about integrated audio that stays out of the way and works flawlessly, all while providing an equitable experience for everyone. Learn more about Shure Microflex Ecosystem solutions at www.shure.com/microflex .


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