UC Advanced - issue #7


O nce upon a digital age, in a bustling city, lived Hansel and Gretel, a brother and sister who worked for a large tech corporation. The company was known for its cutting-edge innovations, but it also faced constant threats from the dark corners of the internet. O ne day, the wicked Cyber Witch devised a cunning plan to infiltrate the corporation’s secrets. Instead of a gingerbread house, she created a virtual candy land full of tempting phishing emails and messages. These digital sweets were designed to lure unsuspecting employees into her trap. H ansel and Gretel, diligent

workers of the tech giant, received an enticing email from an unknown sender. The message promised a shortcut to success, tempting them with promises of promotions and exclusive projects. The email was filled with promises that seemed too good to be true. D espite the warnings from the company’s cybersecurity team about phishing attempts, Hansel and Gretel couldn’t resist the allure of these digital treats. They clicked on the email, unknowingly stepping into the Cyber Witch’s web. A s they entered the virtual candy land, the malicious code started to weave around them, capturing every click and keystroke. The more they explored, the deeper they fell into the trap, leaving breadcrumbs of sensitive information behind.


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