UC Advanced - issue #7


BI Reports

With live metrics continuously running and the channel in constant motion, our commitment to access to unbiased data ensures that there is always something fresh to report on. To meet this demand for real-time insights, we have curated specialised packages generated directly from our BI engine. Each report, signed off by our lead analyst monthly, is a critical tool for understanding and optimising your position in the channel.

CHANNEL POWER REPORT The Channel Power Report goes beyond surface-level analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of a brand’s position in the channel. By evaluating market movement, stock status, and trend tracking – the three pillars of channel competition – we distil

this data into the crucial Brand Power Metric. Delving into each performance area, the report not only explains the factors influencing brand performance but also compares it with competitors. Gaining actionable insights into your brand’s journey in the channel landscape. and categories, and applying marginal analysis, we empower resellers with data-driven decision-making. Moreover, our predictive analysis, based on years of historical data, forecasts the state of the channel in the coming month, providing a strategic advantage in planning and pricing.

channel power report july 2023

category: scanners

brand: Canon

THE RESELLER REPORT For resellers navigating the

complexities of the channel, our Reseller Report is a game-changer. This report takes the guesswork out of finding opportunities, offering a consolidated view of the channel and product performance. By analysing search trends, top-selling products,

Contact our sales team today to discuss which report and categories align with your business objectives. Transform your decision-making process and embrace success in the ever-evolving channel landscape with Stock in the Channel ’s BI reports.



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