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Gamma Communications Strengthens Global Presence with Acquisition of...

Gamma has announced its strategic acquisition of Coolwave Communications, a distinguished international SMS and voice services provider. The acquisition comes at a time when Gamma already serves a significant number of the world’s UCaaS, CPaaS & CCaaS providers, along with several hyperscalers in the UK. With Coolwave’s addition, Gamma aims to further improve its delivery of voice services in over 100+ countries, thereby accelerating its overall strategy to meet the communication needs of global organisations. Mike Mills, Director of Service Providers at Gamma, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, emphasising its alignment with Gamma’s strategy to provide top-notch voice & SMS services to customers globally. “This move enhances our competitive position and empowers us to offer even more innovative solutions,” Mills commented. Ronan Higgins, Commercial Director of Coolwave, echoed Mills’ sentiments, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Gamma; it is a

great move for Coolwave.” Higgins emphasised the potential of combining Coolwave’s strengths, technology, and customer relationships with Gamma’s resources, size, brand, and energy to deliver unparalleled voice and messaging services worldwide. Daryl Pile, Managing Director of Gamma Business, highlighted the synergies between Coolwave and Gamma, describing Coolwave’s team and capabilities as a superb, complementary fit to Gamma’s Service Provider team. “Together, we now deliver a range of internationally available services to over 400 existing customers,” Pile noted, expressing confidence in the ability of the acquisition to drive growth in the global voice services market.

Daryl Pile


The acquisition of Coolwave marks a significant step forward for Gamma

Communications, reinforcing its position as a leader in the communication services industry and signalling its dedication to providing innovative solutions to its expanding customer base across the globe.

Xelion Unveils Enhanced WhatsApp Business Integration

Xelion has introduced an upgraded version of WhatsApp Business Integration as part of its forthcoming Xelion 8.4 update. This advancement enables seamless integration of WhatsApp Business messaging within the Xelion platform, offering more convenient deployment and lower costs compared to competitors. WhatsApp integration has long been sought after in communication platforms, but commercial challenges have hindered its widespread adoption. Typically, business users are required to register themselves independently, leading to inconvenience and escalating costs. Xelion’s latest version addresses these issues by offering licensing per business, rather than per user, thus allowing multiple agents within a business to utilise the service without

incurring additional expenses. Deployment and registration are managed as a service for the user, streamlining the process. Dave Reynolds, Xelion’s UK Managing Director, expressed enthusiasm about the latest integration, emphasising its scalability within the UC ecosystem and its convenience for users. He highlighted Xelion’s commitment to keeping costs down while enhancing the product, ultimately helping partners better serve their customers’ needs. Reynolds stated, “Instead of productizing this service, we’re keeping costs down. The point is that it further enhances Xelion as a product, and ultimately helps more partners meet the needs of more customers. That’s what Xelion is all about, and we’re delighted to be launching yet another enhancement to our partners and users.”

Dave Reynolds



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