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Vodafone and e& Collaborate to Provide Comprehensive Managed Voice Solutions

Vodafone and e& have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at offering comprehensive, fully managed voice solutions to support the international voice traffic requirements and growth plans of other operators. This partnership comes in response to the growing demand for voice over 4G/5G (VoLTE) services and the industry’s forecasted shift towards VoLTE adoption. According to the GSMA, VoLTE adoption is predicted to surge to over 70% of global mobile connections by 2030. This upward trend is driven by operators transitioning from legacy networks to 5G infrastructure, coupled with the demand for consistently reliable trans-border managed voice services. By leveraging their collective technical expertise, partnerships, and complementary geographical footprint, Vodafone and e& aim to deliver a robust, scalable, and consistent managed voice service worldwide. This collaboration assures operators of predictable costs, optimised inbound revenues, streamlined regulatory compliance, enhanced fraud protection, and seamless integration of innovative services through a

leading cloud-based architecture. Ninian Wilson, CEO of Vodafone Procurement and Connectivity, highlighted the increasing complexity of managing cross-border voice services amidst regulatory changes and the migration to 5G. Wilson stated, “Operators are seeking trusted partners to navigate these changes while growing their businesses. Vodafone’s strategic partnership with e& offers them a single point of contact and a dependable service globally during this transition to support them in managing changing business complexities.” The collaboration between Vodafone and e& also promises enhanced fraud protection through industry-leading processes and advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) functionalities. As active members of the Global Leaders Forum (GLF), both companies contribute significantly to shaping the industry’s fraud mitigation strategies. The announcement builds on the agreement unveiled last year, where Vodafone and e& detailed their joint marketing, sales, and service efforts to support businesses and public sector organisations in their digital transformations.


Ninian Wilson


Exertis Cloud Partners with Nord Security to Strengthen Cloud Security Offerings

Exertis Cloud and Nord Security have announced a strategic partnership, offering NordPass and NordLayer directly to Exertis Cloud’s extensive network of channel partners. The partnership introduces NordPass, a next- generation password manager, and NordLayer, a secure cloud access platform, to Exertis Cloud’s distribution network, empowering channel partners to enhance their cloud security effortlessly. NordPass, equipped with AI-powered features such as automatic filling, breach alerts, and secure sharing, simplifies password management, thereby improving employee productivity and bolstering password hygiene. On the other hand, NordLayer establishes a robust zero-trust security perimeter for cloud access, offering advanced encryption, threat

protection, and centralised user management. Sarah Potter, Commercial Director of Cloud & Software at Exertis, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Exertis is thrilled to announce its partnership with Nord Security, home to the world’s most advanced VPN service, NordVPN. This partnership means we can now offer our customers two industry- leading cybersecurity solutions – NordLayer and NordPass.” NordLayer, designed as a business-oriented cybersecurity solution, facilitates secure access to the internet, company network, and resources, ensuring compliance with various work environments. With its quick deployment, 24/7 support, and user-friendly interface, NordLayer promises an efficient onboarding experience without disrupting workflow.

Sarah Potter




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