UC Advanced - issue #6

and align this with the tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing any issues to be identified and the necessary adjustments to be made. Leaders should also regularly review and update shifts based on the business’s evolving needs. Closing Thoughts There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to shift planning. The right rotas will help develop effective shifts and create hassle-free attendance tracking. Implementing the appropriate scheduling practices and using modern tools can significantly enhance businesses of all sizes and industries, helping them run smoothly. Successful workplace scheduling remains an ongoing process that requires the appropriate software to facilitate flexibility, communication, and dedication to meeting the demands of the business and employees. Creating a harmonious schedule can result in the simultaneous improvement of employee and customer experience, giving businesses the potential to boost competitiveness and accelerate success.

Optimising Breaks Strong consideration needs to be taken when considering availability versus breaks to both meet the needs of the business as well as to ensure employees have appropriate and sufficient time to rest. This should be monitored and evaluated to figure out if adjustments need to be made to help this balance. Spacing breaks out effectively can improve concentration and productivity throughout the workday and will help fine- tune future scheduling processes. Monitoring the Effectiveness of Current Scheduling Practices Employees should be encouraged to give feedback on current scheduling practices

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