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Logitech Reach

Founded in 1981, it has established itself as a global leader in personal computers and mobile accessories. Logitech focuses on innovation, committed to designing products that enhance productivity and entertainment experiences for consumers. Their offerings cater to various needs, from gaming to professional environments. The company emphasises quality, reliability, and user-friendly designs, consistently adapting to technological advancements. Logitech’s diverse portfolio and strong market presence reflect its dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions for digital interaction and connectivity. Reaching for better Earlier this year, Logitech announced the availability of Logitech Reach for pre-order after a successful Indiegogo campaign. Logitech Reach is a movable and pivoting camera featuring the Logitech StreamCam, designed to facilitate sharing of non-digital content during presentations, classes, conference calls, and streams. By utilising Indiegogo Enterprises, Logitech engaged enthusiasts in the innovation process, gathering feedback and insights for market and product validation. The campaign concluded with over 2,100 backers. Logitech Reach Logitech Reach is an innovative camera designed for educators, offering flexibility and ease of use. With intuitive controls, teachers can move the camera vertically, horizontally, and in a full 360° rotation to capture non-digital content without disrupting learning. It boasts HD 1080p/60fps resolution, a premium glass lens, and smart autofocus for clear visuals in any lighting. A simple button enables 4.3x lossless zoom, while a large capture area allows students to You’ll certainly know Logitech as the Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software, known for its range of products including mice, keyboards, webcams, and speakers.

see the entire workspace. Logitech Reach can be used in desktop or compact mode, with guidance indicators ensuring a streamlined view. Developed with input from educators, it enhances teaching by bringing non-digital content to life. Better Education Logitech Reach addresses the inconvenience of displaying non-digital content in classrooms, streamlining teaching and engagement. Teachers can easily adjust the camera with intuitive gestures for a clear view, and mitigate classroom interruptions, which are estimated at over 2,000 per year, leading to significant instructional time loss according to EdWeek Research Center’s 2022 survey of over 1,000 participants, which highlights this issue. Additionally, 42% of teachers note students’ difficulty seeing materials from afar. This underscores the need for solutions like Logitech Reach to enhance classroom dynamics and minimise disruptions, ultimately fostering a more conducive learning environment. Key Benefits l  Demonstrate in every view: Move the camera vertically, horizontally and in full 360° to create novel vantage points. l  Total clarity with Streamcam: Captures content in up to HD 1080p/60fps with a premium glass lens, smart auto-focus system, and intelligent exposure l  Zoom: Simple, analog button, users enable 4.3x lossless zoom with autofocus l  One motion positioning: Move the camera along the horizontal plane with just one gesture to provide a clean, streamlined content view l  Capture the big picture: Zoom out to a large 12” x 21.5” capture area in 360° so students can see the entire workspace

360° rotation on camera ring interface

180° tilt on ball joint interface

360° rotation on ball joint interface


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