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Indiegogo campaign. The main message may be aimed towards the education sector, however, use cases have been popping up all around, from the bedroom of an influencer to the classroom of a medical school. While different uses are fleshed out, the Logitech Reach seems set to deliver on its promise to improve presentations and remote learning experiences. EMG demonstrate a different vantage point is key for any scenario. The life cycle of a butterfly example shows that this camera works great online, but even better in person. Even if it’s just two people, users can show what they are seeing from a specific vantage point because it will be different for everyone. independent control with the Logitech Reach. The camera gives participants the sense that they are able to show a particular height, or a specific scale, before getting into details. l Not just Online: Being able to Message to Resellers Throughout testing the Logitech Reach has sparked many different use cases, however, according to Bradoo, the core selling points for the camera are: l More than a Document Camera: There may be a desire to categorise the Logitech Reach as a document camera, but this is also an adjustable camera that you can use for more than just document sharing, especially as documents are moving to digital. In the US, document cameras are a prevalent category, and having experience with document cameras creates some baggage for what to use the Logitech Reach for. Therefore one of the big points of emphasis from Logitech is that this is not just a document camera. l Full Control: It’s easy to have

Bringing the Camera to Content Gaurav Bradoo, Logitech’s Head of Product and Portfolio, Education: “Most people that tested the Logitech Reach were bringing what they were talking about up to the webcam on the monitor. So I wanted to help and allow participants to quickly show their vantage point without having to think too much about it. “Especially with schools, teachers use a few documents and some objects, so they are constantly moving content to the camera. I wanted people on a desktop to be able to move their camera to the content so that somebody teaching at their desk doesn’t have to struggle to show everyone what they are talking about. “One example we have is with a third-grade teacher. We thought she was gonna use the camera for documents, but she used it for a butterfly life cycle experiment where they had a caterpillar in a jar and the kids had to borrow it for five minutes to have a look. The teacher had to give the jar to each child and hope they didn’t break it. “Instead, she clamped the camera to a bookshelf, pointed the camera at the butterfly jar, and over the course of two weeks every child in the class was able to see this continuous growth of the butterfly.”

Gaurav Bradoo Head of Product and Portfolio, Education



The Logitech Reach is a rare piece of hardware innovation in the webcam world. Outside of lens and microphone technology, many of the additions to today’s webcams have been on the software side. With the simple arm clamp design and nice touches like a mark on the lens to make sure the user shows the content the right way around, it’s not hard to work out why the camera received such backing in its


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